Hello–and welcome!

Silly Computing Questions was created when I noticed a huge knowledge gap in general for people who either knew everything about computers, and people who knew virtually nothing about computers. Because of my unique line of work (IT Support at SaaS companies catering to traditionally non-technical businesses), I was exposed to various “silly” questions about computing that most people have never heard of.

In 2016, a person who doesn’t know how to operate a computer is viewed by their counterparts as ignorant, backwards, or just plain stupid. More and more, the same group of people would ask less and less questions as they feared the condescending attitude that came along with the answers given by the Computer Literate.

Silly Computing Questions is a “serious” version of its sister site, Shitty Computing Questions (also because Silly is more PC when it comes to registering a proper business name).

So for those of you who deem yourselves computer illiterate and you’re too afraid to ask the type of questions that make those around roll their eyes, you can find all your answers here. And this will be a judgement-free zone.

Browse away!